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Expose Plex Without Port Forwarding

I love selfhosting my own services, especially services like Plex and the *arr stack that can often be resource intensive resulting in expensive bills when using Cloud Providers. I have a Mini PC and an external drive that I use to host my Plex installation alongside many other services however my ISP support port forwarding making it difficult to access these services when myself or friends would like to watch something on Plex without being physically here....

October 2, 2022

How to backup your homeserver for free using Scaleway with Duplicati

Update: 2023-04-17 Use Duplicati at your own risk, some users (myself included) have issues restoring from Duplicati. Always test your backups beforehand. What’s the point in carefully crafting a beautiful homeserver if one mistype or downloading a dodgy program can ruin it all? A backup solution is vital to protect your important data. Not just any backup though - An encrypted, incremental backup following the 3-2-1 rule is the best way to make sure your files are properly safe from disaster - Duplicati is great for this....

September 24, 2022